Three days later, we moved to Jackson, MS. We stayed two nights in the Swinging Bridge Campground on the south side of the city. We chose the area so that we could square dance with the local club. Curious about the name of the park, we began asking about the ‘Swinging Bridge’. Many of the ‘locals’ didn’t know if there really was a bridge or not, but a cable repairman told us how to find it.

A one lane road led to it.

The bridge, no longer in use, spans the Pearl River.

The old bridge was impressive, with steel cables as large as my wrist.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the bridge has been very neglected, (obviously, from the graffiti) a local meeting place for youth.
Fires had even been set on its surface, burning large holes complete through. It’s sad to see a piece of history deteriorating so.