After the festival, it was time to head for Indiana. We were up Sunday morning at 5:30 a.m. and on the road by 7:30. We arrived at Buffalo Trace Park, just east of Palmyra, with just enough time to park and hook up to the electric.

Then it was off to Spring Mill State Park for the annual Liberty View church Day in the Park.

The Geltmakers provided music for the day, as they have for several years. Click on their photo for more shots from the day.

. We had made day trips to Buffalo Trace many times, but this was our first time to camp there.

The campground is scenic, laid out amongst the trees, but we found the sites a bit tight.

A mile and a half paved trail circles the lake

making a nice path for early morning hiking.

We were surprised to see Cyprus trees growing in the water—we had thought it a more southern variety.

While walking, we met a family out for their morning hike:

On Monday evening, my cousin Esther and her husband David had us over for a delicious family meal .

Tuesday was spent visiting family, friends and former neighbors.

Wednesday, we visited the family who now live in our former home and had a wonderful visit with all of them. It was fun to see the changes they have made to the house since purchasing it last summer.

Thursday we moved north to McCormick’s Creek State Park, where we will be for the month of June.