As we entered Colorado, the way became more scenic the farther we went. We enjoyed the roadside displays of wildflowers in bloom.

We camped in Loveland, CO, about 30 miles from the Rocky Mountain National Park entrance.

As we drove to the park the next morning, we were glad we had chosen Loveland to stay in, versus Estes Park, the nearest community to the park. The drive from Loveland up wound through the Big Thompson River Canyon, and was breathtaking.

We spent two days in the Rockie’s. Our only complaint would have to be the cool weather. The first night got down to 40 degrees, and there was quite a bit of cold wind in the mountains.
The first day we drove “Trail Ridge Road” the highest paved continuous road in the U.S.
We actually saw snowflakes swirling in the air on the higher elevations. (A ranger told us two weeks before we were there, a 2 foot snowfall closed the road for a few days. The poles you see on each side of the highway are there for road crews as indicators of the road edge when they are obscured by snow.)
The second day, we returned to the park to hike. The weather warmed up as the day went on. We only hiked a little over 2 miles, but due to the altitude, found the hike more strenous than we had anticipated.
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