Our last stop before heading south to Yuma was in Kingman, AZ, where we stayed for a week. Kingman holds the proud title of “Heart of Historic Route 66”. Citizens of the area have been responsible for preserving the longest section of Route 66 still in use.

We enjoyed our stay in Kingman, dancing at the local square dances (both in Kingman and Lake Havasu City), making new friends, experiencing the Andy Devine rodeo; and making a side trip to Oatman, AZ.

The drive to Oatman was worth the trip in itself. Traveling Route 66 with its narrowness and curves, up and down the steep inclines was captivating.

New friends, Ron and Linda, accompanied us. Linda, a history buff, made a great tour guide, pointing out many of the old mines along the route, and providing intriguing history tidbits.

Oatman was a gold mining community, and has been preserved much as it was in its heyday. It’s biggest tourist draw today is its wild burros.

The burros have learned that if they wander in from the hills mid morning, they can expect a free lunch from the tourists. The local merchants sell carrots just for that purpose, a dollar a bag. Most of the shops keep their doors standing open. If a burro happens to wander in, it’s just shooed out with a broom.

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