As we head over the pass of the Foothills, we realize that we really are “on the road again” and it feels good.  For the first time, friends, Bernice and Hoyt are traveling with us.IMG_0447


They will spend a week with us in Benson, Arizona, before we go our separate ways for the summer.




The desert is pretty this spring.  There has been enough moisture this winter to allow the plants to green.


IMG_0452 We decided to spend the first night at Picacho Peak State Park, with the idea of hiking on  it’s trails, but the weather soon changed our minds.

It was extremely windy that evening, and rain and much cooler weather moved in overnight.


IMG_0465As we left, the fog was enshrouding the peak, a familiar landmark to travelers for centuries.

We drove, mostly in the rain to Benson.  It was too rainy and cold to be out much, but we visited the visitor’s center, a used book store and the local thrift shop. 



We spent the evening playing Pegs and Jokers.