IMG_0766 [35%] For years, Ron has wanted to stop in Tucson at the Pima Air and Space Museum.  Hoyt liked the idea also, so we made it our destination of choice on Tuesday of our week with Hoyt and Bernice.

The facility is so large, containing over 300 aircraft plus displays, that it took us all day to tour it.

Most of the planes are outdoors.  We were able to board the U S Air Force One used by Presidents Kennedy and Johnson.IMG_0771 [50%]

IMG_0776 [50%]


It did not have the feel of luxury you would expect in a Presidential aircraft, and we wondered how it would compare with today’s US Air Force One.



IMG_0780 [50%] IMG_0779 [50%]

There are many hangars on the grounds, displaying aircraft and related materials.

IMG_0902 [50%]


IMG_0939 [50%] Here, a Veteran who volunteers in the museum tells Bernice what it was like to fly on a bomber in the war.




The number of aircraft, sizes, and shapes is amazing.  Here are some of the more unusual ones:Slideshow link [50%]