Whenever possible, we like to find new routes to travel, and this time, we decided to take U.S. 380 to Texas.  It was a scenic route, traveling through the Sacramento Mountains.

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The various signs of Roswell, NM brought a smile to our faces.

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Mid-afternoon, we stopped for a break at Tiny’s Burger Barn in Tatum, near the state line.  In contrast to the name, the burgers were anything but tiny.  Both the barbecue and the burgers were from local beef, and simply delicious.IMG_2979 [50%]

IMG_2989 [50%]We stopped for the night at a free campground in Brownfield, TX.  Northern Texas has many of these small free campgrounds (some with a donation box).   Several of the communities have decided it benefits their local economy to offer camping sites.  We stay in them whenever we run across one.  This one, as most, was in a city park, but we were pleased to find free internet provided by the local high school.






IMG_2995 [50%]IMG_2990 [50%]The next morning, I snapped this photo as we purchased fuel… not a sign you expect to see in a community.  

A sure sign that you’ve arrived in western Texas is the appearance of the giant windmills.







IMG_2998 [50%]We spent this night in Ranger, Texas.  The campground had a private lake inhabited by beavers. 

IMG_2997 [50%]

We didn’t spot any beavers, but evidence of their industriousness was all along the bank. 









The afternoon of the following day brought us to our destination, Belton Lake Live Oak C.O.E. Campground.