We left Belton on May 17, and made our way toward Indiana, a little quicker than we normally would, knowing that the end of the week was bring Memorial Day weekend, and full campgrounds.

We traveled through northern Arkansas and were surprised to learn that it is a major rice producer.  Somehow, you don’t think of Arkansas when you think of growing rice.  Field after field was green with the tiny shoots.


IMG_3125We saw the brand Riceland on many of the storage buildings.



As we traveled on through Missouri and Tennessee, the rivers we crossed were swollen with flood waters.IMG_3173


More surprising was the appearance of the trees.  The destruction was similar to that caused by straight line winds, but continued on for hundreds of miles.  We learned that night that the trees were destroyed by a winter ice storm.













IMG_3208We spent a night at the John James Audubon State Park in Henderson, KY, a favorite campground of ours.

The next two days we stayed in a small campground in Corydon, IN, to give us time to visit with family and friends in the area.

On Friday, we moved to Dania’s driveway, near Bloomington, where we spent the next 10 days.2009-05-23 - IN,Bloomington - Foggy Morning Glen, Dania's-1


2009-05-23 - IN,Bloomington - Foggy Morning Glen, Dania's-242009-05-23 - IN,Bloomington - Foggy Morning Glen, Dania's-11 Chris, Jeanne, Cassie, Cameron, Dania, Chelsey and Alyssa were all on hand for a cookout our first day there.   Chris prepared a delicious seafood boil.


We spent the remainder of our stay visiting, and relaxing, with lots of walks through Chris’ housing development, Foggy Morning Glen. 2009-05-23 - IN,Bloomington - Foggy Morning Glen, Dania's-46







2009-05-23 - IN,Bloomington - Foggy Morning Glen, Dania's-55Pictured on the right is the site of Chris and Jeanne’s planned home.  The trees were cleared from the site just days before we arrived.




On Sunday, we made our last move for a while, to McCormick’s Creek State Park.  We will be working as camp hosts for the park for the next two months.  This is our third year to work here.