Here, it is, the end of July and our summer stay in Indiana!  We’ve had a good summer, if a little soggy.  It has rained so much, more often than we’ve ever seen for June and July, but that’s helped to keep the heat down, which has been great.

We’ve had many enjoyable visits with family and friends and a few square dances.  The local library issued us a library card for the first time this year … we’ve made good use of that!

2009-07-11 - IN - Spencer - Library and Farmer's Market-3Each Saturday, Spencer, two miles away, has offered fresh produce at their little farm market.   We’ve had fresh green beans, cherries, peaches, etc. every week.

Our stay at the campground has been busy, but relaxing.  Ron has been able to sit outside in the cooler weather and carve on another chain.  I have worked on quilt blocks and beading.  My biggest project however, was to organize and back up all our digital photos (6 years worth) and I accomplished it with one day to go!

2009-07-26 - IN, Bloomington - Dania's Home - Christmas in July-42Sunday, we celebrated “Christmas in July” with our family.   The crowd was lower in attendance this year, but we had a great time, and it was a good way to say good-bye to everyone at once. 2009-07-26 - IN, Bloomington - Dania's Home - Christmas in July-118







We will leave McCormick’s Creek tomorrow morning, Thursday, July 30.  We’re leaving two days early to help granddaughter, Cassandra, move into her new apartment in Muncie.  We’ll visit son, Tom, on Sunday at South Bend, and nearby relatives on Monday.  Then it’s really time to hit the road, beginning up through Michigan.

I’ll try to keep the blog updated as we travel… depending on how often I find an internet connection.