2009-07-31 - IN, Muncie - Big Oak Campground - Visit with Cassie (1) Carving Cassie's Chain2009-07-31 - IN, Muncie - Big Oak Campground - Visit with Cassie (2)

  We spent Thursday through Sunday with granddaughter, Cassandra, in Muncie, assisting her with a move to a different apartment.  Friday, the three of us relaxed in the campground (Big Oak), enjoying the chance to visit.  Grandpa used his time to work on the chain he is carving for Cassie, also.  On Saturday evening, the family pitched in and painted Cassie’s new bedroom, and moved all her items into the apartment.


Sunday morning found us on the road northwesterly as we moved to Lakeville, south of South Bend, IN.IMG_3767



IMG_3766 As we passed through the small town of Wabash, we noticed an interesting sign (which I later checked out online).  Wabash has the distinction of being the first electrically lit city in the world! Check out the website HERE.


altered copy3bb IMG_3771 We joined Passport America this year for the first time, and are finding we are using it more than we thought we would.  We found a Passport park in Lakeville, Beaver Ridge, which placed us only a few miles from son, Tom and Liesel.  They joined us for lunch and the rest of the day.  We don’t get to see them as often as we’d like, so it was great having a long afternoon  for a leisurely walk and visit with them. 

Monday we backtracked a bit, driving to Milford, where I have uncles and aunts. 

Milford sits in the heart of Amish country, and the roadside scenes having you feeling that you’ve stepped backward in time.IMG_3788

We try to stop in Milford for a brief visit anytime we pass through northern Indiana.  It’s always fun to touch base and reminisce with each relative.  We didn’t have the chance to visit with any of the cousins this year, but were glad to get to see each of the aunts and uncles.

IMG_3778Howard and Mary Jean Vanlaningham


Hazel and Helen Vanlaningham


Esther Vanlaningham

Spencer to Lakeville