IMG_3803We decided to spend our ten weeks between Indiana and Yuma, AZ traveling North and West.  We encountered roadwork at the state line. It seems no matter what highway we choose, there is construction occurring. 

Once in Michigan, this morning, we thought to drive along the west shoreline, but found that to be a bit more difficult than we anticipated.We are very disappointed with the Michigan highway system.  There are few, often none, signs alerting you to the next intersection coming up.  We had planned to get on the shoreline highway at Holland, MI, but missed our road there.  We did find a road over at Muskegon, only to find a detour, and then very rough roads.  After driving for a short time along Lake Michigan, we decided the view was not worth the rough roads and found our way back to U.S. 31.

IMG_4116IMG_3821 My initial impression of the Michigan communities was that of Flowers.  The homeowners express their pride in their home by planting large numbers of flowering plants in their yards.  Street after street was adorned such, and often even the city sidewalks were lined with color, usually lush petunias. 

IMG_3843 We have stopped for the night at the small town of Hart, in their city campground, the John Gurney Park.  It’s an attractive small park on a small lake. 

South Bend to Hart, MI