We traveled the shoreline, again on U.S. 31, catching glimpses often of the lake.

IMG_3840 Since entering Michigan, we have seen countless orchards and roadside stands selling fresh cherries, but had not found a place we could park the RV while purchasing some.

Today, we continued to drive past huge cherry orchards, and eventually found a lady selling cherries in her yard with enough room for us to park along the road. 

IMG_4096She had three varieties.  After trying each, we decided on the Sweet Black Cherries, huge cherries almost as big as quarters.  Not knowing when we’d be able to stop for more, we bought three quarts.IMG_4176







We continued to pass through scenic towns.


IMG_4109 IMG_4121

 The fields are covered with purple flowers… what I believe are asters.IMG_4125 IMG_4415 


This was the second time (first in 2004) we have crossed on the famous Mackinac Bridge, 5 miles in length.  It’s quite an amazing feat of engineering.


IMG_4140    IMG_4145 IMG_4148 IMG_4162


We are parked in a city campground for the next three nights at Kinross, a small town about 20 miles south of Sault Ste Marie.Honor to Sault St Marie

For the Mackinac Bridge Website, CLICK HERE