The Buffalo Bill Dam (originally known as the Shoshone Dam) is located just west of Cody, on the Shoshone River. Completed in 1910, it was the highest concrete arch dam in the world, 325 feet high.  If you’re interested in it’s constructed, there is a link in the posting just below this one, along with a photo of Ron’s mother in front of the tunnel in 1939.

We spent an informative hour at the dam interpretive center. The first photo is approaching the dam from the west.IMG_5946

Looking toward the dam and interpretive center:IMG_5971

Looking downriver from the walkway on the dam:IMG_5957



IMG_5999 After our stop at the dam, we spent most of the remainder of the day in the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody.

Comprised of 5 Smithsonian affiliated museums, it is well worth taking a day (or two) to see.  The entrance fee is a two day pass.

Various programs are presented at the center.  On the day we were there, we were fortunate to be able to attend a dance presentation by the Wind Dancers from the native Wind Dance Reservation of Wyoming.  They perform at the center two days annually. For more than an hour, the dancers described and demonstrated their native dances.






















The museum complex consists of 5 separate museums.

The Plains Indian Museum:IMG_6050

IMG_6042The Buffalo Bill Museum: IMG_6096IMG_6106 

The Draper Museum of Natural History:IMG_6107 IMG_6112

The Cody Firearms Museum:IMG_6115

and The Whitney Gallery of Western Art (we didn’t have time for to see this museum).


Since 1996, six nights a week throughout summer, the Cody Gunfighters have a shootout in front of the famous Irma Hotel (named after Buffalo Bill Cody’s daughter).   Profits from the rental chairs ($1 each), posters and souvenirs go to charity.IMG_6124 More comedy than drama, it was fun to watch as Buffalo Bill and Wild Bill Hickok triumphed once more over the bad guys. IMG_6129-4 IMG_6135