1939 - 5-29 - Trip West - Cabin at Longmont, ColoradoIn 1939, Ron’s parents, Earl and Bethel Adamson made an amazing trip west.  In just a little more than 3 weeks, they traveled from Indiana to California, up the coast to Washington, and back home.  Earl had just purchased a new Pontiac prior to the trip.  Can you imagine a trip of that magnitude made before the Interstates, and in that length of time?  The family still has Bethel’s journal of that trip, and it is fascinating reading.  She has included prices…. breakfast for less than a dollar?

The main focus of the trip was to visit relatives in California and Washington, but they also found time to stop in several areas to see the sights.

One such area was Cody.  We have a photo of Bethel in front of the Shoshone Dam Tunnel, now known as the Buffalo Bill Dam, just west of Cody.  Seventy years later, we decided to see how close we could duplicate that photo.  Unfortunately, in 1985, the decision was made to add 25 feet in height to the dam, and the tunnel Bethel was photographed near exists no more.   A new series of tunnels was built farther into the bluff.  1939 - 6-21 - Trip West (11) Shoshone Dam Tunnel, WyomingWe took this photo as near to the original position as is now possible :IMG_5952

While in Cody, a photo of Earl was taken in front of the statue of Buffalo Bill Cody.  Through the ‘magic’ of Photoshop, I came a little closer to duplicating it.1939 - 6-21 - Trip West - Earl at Cody, Wyoming


We often think of the difference there is in our traveling now compared to 70 years ago.  Wouldn’t Earl and Bethel have marveled to see today’s modern RVs?

(if you would like to see the rest of the photos we have from that trip, CLICK HERE .  I have labeled them just as Bethel labeled them.  They could probably be enhanced a little with a photo-editing program, but I have uploaded them just as they are.)

I also found an interesting related site at Wyoming Tales and Trails, if you’re into history.