As we turned north through Montana, we realized our route would take us through Moore, where Leroy and Suzanne live.

We stopped for a visit, and had the opportunity to watch their crop harvest in progress.

A large farm in Indiana is several hundred acres.  A large farm in Montana is several thousand.  The fields seem to go on forever.  Leroy was in the last days of harvesting the winter wheat.  IMG_6304b

Like the fields, the equipment is huge.IMG_6295

Leroy’s son-in-law, Warren, was driving the combine the day we visited.

Ron climbed up in the cab and enjoyed making a circuit of the large field with Warren.IMG_6300

IMG_6298I was amazed to learn that Suzanne prepares dinner each night of harvest for the workers, and delivers it to the field!  Harvest can continue for more than 30 days straight, and she often serves 15-20 people. 

After preparing the meal, the food is packed into coolers and transported to the field in the pick-up, along with tables, chairs and even tablecloths.

When harvest is in full-swing, often the workers switch off for dinner, so that the equipment can keep running.

IMG_6303There are fewer workers now, as the harvest nears an end.  We start dinner, as Warren empties the combine into the truck and prepares to join us.


Leroy and Suzanne apologized for having to continue work during our visit, but we thoroughly enjoyed the glimpse into their farming life.IMG_6314

IMG_6341If you happen to be in Montana, be sure to buy bread made from Montana grown wheat.  Who knows, that wheat may have come from Leroy and Suzanne’s fields!