Salt Lake City has many suburbs, both to the north and south.  We chose a campground in Layton, to the north, for our base.

On Saturday morning, we drove to nearby Ogden for the weekly farmer’s market.  It was one of the better farmer’s markets we’ve found this trip, with offerings from fresh green beans and peaches to breakfast goodies.  (The breakfast burrito was great!)IMG_8186 IMG_8189  

Historical 25th street is home to the farmer’s market, as well as the communities “horse herd”.  We were amused and delighted at all the painted horses ‘roaming’ the street. IMG_8194 IMG_8185

IMG_8192 IMG_8200  

Leading east from Ogden is one of the nations scenic byways,  State Road 39.  IMG_8203

We expected outstanding scenery, but were not prepared for the magnificent waterfall beyond the first curve.  It rivals many we’ve seen in national parks.  IMG_8213

As the  rushing water hits the many angles of the rock, it twists and bends in surprising ways.

IMG_8216s  Here are some more photos from the drive:



We even spotted a sheepherder’s wagon at summit top:IMG_8313 

On the way back down, we stopped at a yard sale, and learned of the mini-festival, Taste of Ogden Valley at a nearby ski resort, Wolf Mountain.  IMG_8378

We enjoyed crab cakes, spinach and goat cheese enchiladas, and mini bison burgers. IMG_8386

The resort was offering chair lift rides to the top of the mountain.  The ride offered a great view of the festival and valley below.

IMG_8418  IMG_8446

IMG_8402 IMG_8422


It’s amazing how many things you can find to see and do on a day that is virtually unplanned, and just happens.

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