After leaving Hoyt and Bernice, we traveled to Kanarraville, about 30 miles north of Zion National Park.  Our plans were to rest during the afternoon, then tour Zion the next day, before moving on.  However the weather forecast was dire, with the possibility of high winds, and even snow in the higher elevations.

We decided to make a quick trip to Zion, so that we could continue southward the next morning.  Zion National Park covers 229 square miles, with elevation ranging from 3700 to over 8700 feet.  Many people say that they enjoy their trip to Zion National Park more than any of the other Utah parks, but I cannot say that.  Zion is every bit as beautiful as the other parks, but the enforced shuttle system prevents one from seeing much of the park in detail.IMG_2827

The buses are nice and comfortable, but I much prefer to make our own way through a park at our own speed, stopping often for views, pictures and walks.  We got off the bus at several of the stops, and took the short hike back to the Emerald Pool and Waterfall, where you can walk behind the water falling from the cliffs high above.IMG_2901

There was so much contrast between the bright sun and shaded areas, that it was hard to get good photos, but we found enough to make a slideshow.  Click on the photo.


torrey to kanarraville