I-15 held an awesome surprise for us as we crossed the far northwest corner of Arizona.  Twenty miles wind through the spectacular Virgin River Gorge, just south of the Utah state line.  Ron was glad we were descending in elevation, rather than climbing.

This section of Interstate 15 is one of the most expensive parts of interstate highway ever constructed.  Due to the winding of the interstate, the canyon is also noted for its tricky driving conditions.  The gorge, a popular winter rock climbing area noted for its steep and overhanging limestone walls, actually exposes several beds of rock that lace the steep walls.  Virgin River Gorge separates the Utah desert from the one time marsh area in southeast Nevada.

Virgin River Gorge slideshow

After exiting the Gorge, and now in Nevada, we had intended on driving through Las Vegas, but the hosts at the State Visitor Center warned us that construction was causing extensive delays.  We decided, instead, to take the scenic route through the Mead Lake Recreation Area.  Also under construction, it was still a very enjoyable drive, and much better than driving in heavy city traffic.  We stopped for a two night stay in Boulder City.

Kanarraville to Vegas