Although there were several stormy days and nights, the rest of the trip back to Indiana was uneventful.  We spent a couple of nights at Heyburn Lake C.O.E. in Oklahoma.   Despite the beautiful location, we spent our time indoors as the wind was too strong to take walks.2010-04-29 -2- OK, Heyburn Lake - 1001

The weather cleared up by the time we reached Carlyle Lake C.O.E. in Illinois.  We had spent time here a few years ago.  This time we parked one of its smaller camping areas;  the second night, we were the only campers there.2010-05-01 -3- IL, Carlyle Lake - 1001

We felt like we’d arrived home when we reached McCormick’s Creek State Park in Indiana.  We spent 2 nights at the park, visiting with friends, Diann and Rick.  We will return to McCormick’s in June to camp host for a month, as we have for the past 3 summers.2010-05-04 - IN, McCormick's Creek - Visit with the Pickards - 1003