Today’s drive was more of the same.  We have been driving on the Interstates more this trip, as we are planning to join Glenn and Donna at the Badlands National Park, and don’t want them to have to wait too long on us.  They arrived there today… we’ll make it tomorrow, if all goes well.

I think every road we’ve been on has been under construction.  At one point on I-29, the traffic was reduced to 2 lanes.  The remaining lanes have been completely torn up and the ground plowed, preparing for the new lanes.  First time we’d seen road replacement taken to that level.2010-07-09 -2- SD, On the Road-2

2010-07-09 -2- SD, On the Road-1More farmland today2010-07-09 -2- SD, On the Road-4with a few cattle added to the mix.2010-07-09 -2- SD, On the Road-6Ron is always amused at the layout of larger farms…. lots of buildings and big barns with a small house tucked in somewhere.  Shows where the priorities lie.  2010-07-09 -2- SD, On the Road-3 I’m always on the lookout for unusual sights.  The next picture takes the award for today.2010-07-09 -2- SD, On the Road-5A little research online reveals the 100 ft sculpture is part of the Porter Sculpture Park, created by eccentric, Wayne Porter.  The sculpture is one of several in the park.

We are camped tonight at Mitchell, SD, home of the “famous” Corn Palace.  Interesting enough to see once, as we did in 2004, but we decided not to make a return visit.

IA to SD