There are places that neither words nor photos can adequately describe;  Waterton Lakes National Park, the Canadian side of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park is one.

The drive from St. Mary to Waterton is a beautiful drive through farming country on the east and the mountains on the west.P1050712

This was our first journey into Canada.  We crossed the border with no delay at Port of Chief Mountain.




Upon entering Waterton Lakes National Park (one of five Canadian National Parks), we decided to take the Red Rock Canyon Drive.  Grazing beside the road were two reindeer. P1050769

The park is the only protected corridor for wildlife moving between the U.S. and Canada.  We were told a grizzly was spotted along this road the day before, but we never found it.  The scenery, however, was great.P1050778Back on the main route into the community of Waterton, the icon that catches your eye is the famous Prince of Wales Hotel, perched high above the lake.P1050814   P1050813

We had to have a look inside.  The interior was not as opulent as I expected, but the view from the lobby is fantastic. P1050830P1050829 

A room here will run you between $200 and $300 per night, depending on the view; a suite runs $800.  Keep in mind that’s without air conditioning , bathtub, or TV  you will be “experiencing a stay here as our guests did in the thirties”.

It is interesting to read how the hotel was built; if you’d like to do that, click on this link.

We next took the scenic Akamina Parkway, winding through the mountains to Cameron Lake.


For lunch, we chose the Glacier Bistro; the dining room overlooked the lake, and the food was delicious.P1050949


I’ve definitely added Waterton to my list of Favorite Places. 

We completed our day with a circular drive through Canada, re-entering the States at Carway.

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St.Mary to Waterton