P1060183One of our favorite, and most spectacular, National Parks is Glacier National Park.  This was our third visit to the park, and each visit has been unique.

Our first trip in 2004 (before the creation of our blog) left us awestruck.  Occurring on our first trip west of the Mississippi, we had never before seen such vistas. 

The second trip, last year with Hoyt and Bernice Odom, was still fascinating, but quite different.  The day was overcast, cold and foggy.  The mountains were often hidden by the clouds.  To take a look at that day, go to this link.

The amazing factor in today’s drive through the park was the snow!  In the previous 2 trips, we saw the glaciers in the distant, and in 2004, snow along the hike at one point, but otherwise the ground was clear.  Not so today.  Several “snow bridges” lined the edges of the road. P1060364 Streams and waterfalls were cascading with the melt. P1060201P1060411 Despite the snow, the weather was warm, making the snow even more surprising.  We enjoyed a picnic lunch at the Rising Sun stop on St Mary Lake.P1060455b The great thing about our National Parks is that you can return again and again, and find new experiences each time.

For a slideshow of our favorite shots of the day, click the picture below.slideshow


St Mary to Hungry Horse