selkirk The Selkirk Loop is North America’s only Multi-National Scenic Loop, running through Idaho, Washington, and British Columbia.

Today we began our drive at Bonners Ferry, ID, and spent most of the day in British Columbia.

We missed the junction of US 95 and SR 1, and so entered Canada at Kingsdale, rather than Rykerts.  That was actually a delicious side tour, as it took us through orchard country.  We stopped at at farmers market, and purchased enough huge sweet cherries to last the day.


As we rejoined the main loop at Creston, rain began to fall, and continued much of the day, so we didn’t have postcard vies of the Kootenay Lake, but it was still a beautiful with the fog and clouds hugging the mountains. P1060900 P1060913  P1060925P1060915

We found many of the small shops and restaurants along the drive closed, and learned later in the day that today was a local holiday, British Columbia Day, set aside to honor the pioneers of B.C. 

To continue on the Loop at Kootenay Bay, one must use the ferry.  We arrived about an hour early, which proved fortuitous, as a small restaurant, Fairy Treats, was open.P1060951


The breakfast sandwiches, served on fresh baked bread, were delicious and filling.  By the time we were finished, the Osprey 2000, our ferry was pulling into dock.

P1060952 It is a large ferry, capable of carrying 80 vehicles and 250 passengers.  A smaller ferry also runs during the summer months to provide more  frequent crossings.  The trip across takes about 40 minutes, and is the longest free ferry crossing in North America. It didn’t take long to load the multi-lanes of vehicles waiting to cross.P1060956

The ferry filled, leaving about 20 vehicles behind for the next trip over. P1060967

We counted 8 RVs on the ferry.P1060968We’ve ridden on ferries before, but this is the first we’ve seen with an indoor lounge for viewing. P1060996

Even with the misty weather, the trip was still scenic, and the 35 minutes passed quickly.P1060959



We passed the second ferry in route.P1060983

P1070008A family of ospreys have their nest atop this buoy.




P1070023Following our debarking from the ferry, we continued on the Selkirk Loop, on Canada highways 3A, 6 and 3, making a smaller loop of our own, and re-entering the States at Porthill.P1070053




For more information on the Selkirk Loop, northwestern Washington and northern Idaho, including the community of Sandpoint, which we will visit tomorrow, a good link is The Selkirk Loop of the Kootenay Rockies.

Our 265 mile trip on the Selkirk Loop:SELKIRK OUR ROUTE