Mt Lemmon On Easter Sunday, our granddaughter, Emily, took us on a drive to the top of Mt. Lemmon in the Santa Catalina Mountains near Tucson.

The Sky Island Scenic Byway is the only paved road that leads to the top of the Catalinas.  Beginning at less than 3,000 feet elevation, the road winds around hairpin turns to reach a summit of more than 9,000 feet.  Several pullouts are provided along the way overlooking the valley containing Tucson.  Our favorites were Molino Canyon Vista and Windy Point Vista (aptly named) where we walked among the rocks taking photos of the awesome view.

The gain in elevation from start to finish is so great, it encompasses several ecosystems, comparable to a trip from Mexico to Canada.

The trip starts at the desert floor amidst the saguaros and other cacti.


In just minutes, you begin to notice the change to trees,


and by the end of the 27 mile drive, you find yourself in an alpine forest of Ponderosa pines.


It was a perfect drive for an Easter Sunday.  No one could see such panoramic views and such environmental variety  and not  marvel at God’s Great Creation.

For more photos from our drive, click on the diagram below:P1170838